I am such a beautiful human being. I know that because I have been working hard on myself for 30 years now, so I know what the hell I am speaking of better than you. Any of you. You catch glimpses of what I am during this lifetime, but you have never have all of … More Awakening


I am going to block everything and anything that is not what I want or deserve right now. Not because I am delusional, crazy, immature, naive and all of that, but because I finally know what I feel is what I want and need. So, yes, I fight overthinking, rocks and dirt thrown at me … More LIVE


I come to this empty house every night after work and it’s a complete silence. I’ve always enjoyed silence. My silence. But, right now when my head is full of crazy thoughts and regrets, this silence is painful. But, I accept the pain. I know why it’s here. I know why it’s more acute now. … More Emptiness